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Why Do I Need An Arc Flash Study?

A question that is commonly asked. Especially since your company has probably been operating without an electrical safety incident for years, why is an Arc Flash Study important then, and how will it make a difference?


The objective of a comprehensive Arc Flash study should be to set up a safety program that everyone on your team regularly follows. Every facility has different tasks that need to be performed, equipment that’s used on the job, and employee responsibilities. An Arc Flash study takes those specific factors into account and then is used to build a custom safety program based on the unique setup and needs of your work environment.

We make it a priority to help everyone understand the value and core principles of undertaking an Arc Flash study at their facility. To dig even deeper, we asked seven seasoned electrical and safety professionals —with over 20 years of experience —why an Arc Flash Study is so critical for their operations. Their answers might surprise you. (Here’s a hint: not one of them said because it’s a compliance requirement.)


Watch the video below to hear from professionals like you, why you need an Arc Flash Study.

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At EPSCO, electrical safety is our number one goal for our clients. If you have questions about an Arc Flash study or how to comply with the NFPA 70E, get in touch with one of our electrical safety pros. Learn about our Arc Flash Studies.