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Arc Flash

Arc Flash Analysis Packages



The basic package is a simple approach to compliance. It is designed for all facilities that are looking for an affordable way to be compliant. This package allows the customer to apply their own labels for a cost-saving approach.

  • PE reviewed
  • NFPA compliant report
  • EPSCO data collection
  • One-Line drawing



This package is our most popular option. It combines Arc Flash Analysis and Electrical Safety Training for true turnkey compliance.

  • Electrical safety training
  • Coordination study
  • EPSCO label application
  • Client submitted updates at no cost for five (5) years
  • Facility recommendations
  • Ground fault/surge mitigation
  • Crucial process review
  • Equipment age/availability report
  • Electrical safety program


** Also includes all basic compliance components



Expanding on our turnkey package, the Enterprise Program provides ongoing support for customers that may manage multiple or large facilities and want additional support.

  • 3-Year compliance update for electrical safety training
  • 5-year compliance update for arc flash analysis
  • Annual site visits





** Also includes all basic and turnkey components and more

How much does an Arc Flash Study cost?

Come for the compliance. Stay for the added value.

You need an Arc Flash Analysis to comply with your NFPA 70E requirements. Our solutions are unique for a number of reasons. First, we make the tools you’ll work with easy to understand. Whether you’re a novice or expert, our user-friendly solutions will help you be better prepared for electrical issues that may arise. Next, we offer valuable insight that can help you avoid unnecessary repairs and costly outages down the road.

Take a look at what our Arc Flash Study includes


What sets our Arc Flash Study apart

Collaborative, state-licensed engineers

Our engineers are licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and are adept at communicating 70E requirements in clear and simple language.

Easy-to-understand labels

We’re the only safety solutions provider who offers an illustrated description of PPE on all of our labels, because it’s not enough to just be compliant. We want your team to be armed with a quick reference of what’s needed to work safely.

Five-year unlimited updates

ESPCO offers free updates to your Arch E schematic and PPE labels for five years after your study.

Full and field level drawings

We break your Arch E schematic into portable field level drawings that are easier to use when troubleshooting.

Valuable insight that protects productivity

We use the data we collect in your study to provide you with recommendations on preventing ground faults, limiting the effects of overcurrent to protective devices, safeguarding your crucial production processes, and determining the best time to replace your aging equipment. This insight could save your facility hundreds of thousands of dollars in electrical outages and production downtime.

Take a closer look at the technical documentation included in your Arc Flash Study

The Arc Flash Study Process:
8 steps to simplifying safety


Once the decision has been made to move forward with your Arc Flash Study, EPSCO will coordinate with your group to schedule the various milestones, starting with data collection.

Data Collection

In the data collection phase of your project, an EPSCO experienced field service technician will come onsite to your facility to gather information. Accuracy during this phase is absolutely critical as it will provide important data for our engineering team.


The EPSCO engineering process will provide you with over 16 deliverables, including mitigation and coordination recommendations, a state-specific PE review, and facility schematics.

Schematics review

The field schematics will provide your group with the opportunity to review the study’s accuracy, and it offers an invaluable resource in trouble shooting and safety coordination.


Your labels will be applied by EPSCO and are designed to be easy to read and understand. The information will be delivered in your final report.

Report Completion

Your report will be control “F” search-able and include a dashboard for quick access to a variety of deliverables, all of which will be discussed in further detail during the training.

Safety Training

We will complete your study with specialized training for all of your electrical workers.

Learn more about safety training.


As part of our commitment to safety, EPSCO provides free updates and changes up to five years after the study. This helps keep your facility up to date with the most recent codes and standards.

What clients are saying

“Undertaking an Arc Flash Analysis at a facility like ours can be a difficult and overwhelming task. EPSCO proved to be a knowledgeable and valuable partner to help make the process easy and understandable.”

Ed Kodada

Plant Manager
Despatch Industries