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Electrical Safety

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Take a look at what our Electrical Safety Training includes


Our training includes


  • Course Objectives

Codes and Standard

  • Federal Safety Regulations (OSHA)
  • Enforcement Agencies (NFPA, IEEE)
  • Other Standards and Guidelines

Safe Work Practices

  • Employer Responsibilities
  • Employee Responsibilities
  • Contractor Responsibilities
  • Equipment Working Clearances
  • Preliminary Planning
  • Selection/Use of Safe Work Practices
  • Exposed Energized Equipment
  • Proper Switching Procedures
  • Proper Lockout/Tagout
  • Proper Grounding Techniques
  • Work On or Near Energized Equipment
  • Test Equipment Safety
  • Electrical Interlocks

Electrical Shock

  • Nature of Electric Shock
  • Shock Severity Factors
  • Response to Shock
  • Quantifying the Shock Hazard
  • Mitigating Shock Hazard
  • Relaying and Protective Equipment
  • Shock Victim Rescue

Arc Flash and Arc Blast

  • Fundamentals of Arcing Incidents
  • Quantifying the Hazard
  • Preventing Arc Flash Hazards
  • Difference between Flash & Blast
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Working Distances Definitions
  • Hands on Simulations
  • Hazard Avoidance Techniques
  • NFPA 70E Tables Calculation VS Performing an Arc Flash Analysis

Epsco’s Electrical Safety Training is available in two formats

Onsite Training

One of our experienced electrical engineers will come to your facility and provide personal, hands-on training for your team. We’ll cover a full agenda of electrical safety topics, plus answer any questions or concerns you have specific to your facility. Participants who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion and a wallet card.

Interactive Online Training

This course is perfect for training new employees when turnover occurs. Its interactive format keeps participants engaged with onscreen questions that must be answered before the attendee can advance to the next section. A live instructor is available to answer site-specific questions as they arise.

Epsco’s Electrical Safety Training is rated

9.47 / 10

By participants

What clients are saying

“We hired EPSCO to perform an Arc Flash Analysis on all of our electrical equipment in the plants. They performed their work efficiently and provided us with a very detailed report and drawings. The communication from the entire team throughout the project was above and beyond my expectations and the subsequent training for my employees after the study was extremely beneficial in helping to increase our in-house electrical and safety knowledge. Their understanding of customer service is exceptional. I would highly recommend their services to others in the manufacturing industry.”

Ben Bertram

Plant Manager