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Keeping your facility up to code and everyone on your team safe requires that data and analysis of electrical systems are current and accurate. 

There are TWO different scenarios when Arc Flash Analysis updates are needed at your facility:

  1. Any equipment changes
  2. Re-certification   **required every five (5) years


With our industry-leading team of engineers, EPSCO can help you plan for engineering projects and get the most out of any Arc Flash Analysis updates you need.

Suppose you’re planning to add new equipment, like panels or electrical switchgear, and you’ve completed an Arc Flash Analysis with EPSCO in the past. In that case, it’s possible to complete the updates remotely without a visit from an engineer– We’d have the records and schematics from your facility on file. All your team has to do is identify the gear that’s changing on the schematic and provide electrical information, and the update process can be completed over the phone with one of our engineers. The changes would then be added to the initial report, and new labels would be created.

If you need to re-certify, an onsite visit from an engineer is required. If you’ve done an initial Arc Flash Study with EPSCO, our team will work with yours to ensure that you re-certify before your certification window expires. 


In either case, EPSCO is available to partner with you to provide the safest workplace for your team. We take a comprehensive approach to plan engineering projects. As part of the process, we’ll help you determine your facility’s steps to make the most of its arc flash analysis and updates. 

Planning for engineering projects

We’ll gather information about your facility, including:

  • Whether or not schematics are accurate
  • How your team will use the information
  • Which team members need training
  • The safety personnel involved in the study. 


An EPSCO rep will coordinate soft scheduling three months prior, then set up a project initiation meeting one month before the study, where you’ll meet the EPSCO engineer performing the analysis. EPSCO will ensure your team understands the scope, deliverables, and project logistics before we start. 


At EPSCO, we know how important it is to stay on top of safety. With so many years of experience in many facilities across the country, we know how to make the arc flash analysis update process thorough and efficient. We invite you to partner with EPSCO today to plan your engineering projects. 


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