What is Arc Flash? Understanding Risks and Safety Measures
Watch the full-length arc flash survivor interview that broke the internet!

A key component of electrical safety training is understanding arc flash and how to protect against injury in an arc flash event. Arc flash happens when electricity flows through air and causes a sudden release of energy. Arc Flash explosions take place in microseconds, hit with a ton of power, and can cause a multitude of injuries — some that might surprise you when you think about electrical safety.


Our EPSCO ONE MOMENT online electrical training series takes an in-depth look at the hazards an Arc Blast poses and puts it all in context to help you understand how powerful an arc flash event really is. Arc Flash events release some of the most powerful forces on Earth. They burn with a light as bright as lightning. The nearly instantaneous reaction creates hazardous gasses. They reach temperatures that can easily melt metal into plasma. The force of the explosion can tear equipment apart and send shrapnel rocketing out at speeds of 700 mph. The sound of the blast peaks near the loudest sounds ever recorded. Add it all up and Arc Flash can cause blindness, severe burns, deafness, and bodily harm from the shrapnel.

It’s important to understand how to protect yourself against an arc flash explosion. But it’s even more important to mitigate arc flash events in the first place.

An EPSCO Arc Flash Study makes sure your facility is primed to reduce arc flash hazards, and up to speed in case an accident occurs. We’ll perform the calculations to determine safety standards and prepare your team members with the right PPE. We’ll help you set up a regular maintenance schedule so you know your equipment is functioning properly, and help identify the workday tasks that increase the odds of arc flash occurring.

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