What Are The Odds Of An Arc Flash Event? - EPSCO

It’s impossible to predict exactly when or how an Arc Flash Event might happen. But there are a number of areas you can control that will reduce the odds of a serious incident. EPSCO online electrical safety training will help you dive into the factors that affect the likelihood of an Arc Flash Event.

The task itself plays a big part in a potential arc flash accident. Some tasks are riskier than others, and the way you approach a task can increase or reduce those odds considerably. In our EPSCO “One Moment” video series you’ll learn about specific tasks that are considered higher risk than others, and what you can do to best prepare for performing them.

Your equipment and how it’s maintained are also factors that influence the likelihood of an Arc Flash Event. It’s important to keep equipment clean and running at its optimal performance level to lower the chance of an accident. EPSCO online electrical safety training will get you acquainted with the resources available to keep your equipment in top shape — Manufacturers’ specs, handbooks like the NFPA 70B, and organizations like the International Electrical Testing Association.

There are a number of companies whose sole business is electrical equipment maintenance. Starting a regular maintenance contract with one of them is another way you can reduce the likelihood of an arc flash accident. You can coordinate with them to schedule planned outages so production can continue with minimal interruption. As the saying goes, “If you don’t schedule a planned outage, your equipment will schedule one on its own.”

Taking all the precautions and regularly planning maintenance is a good way to reduce the chance of an arc flash accident, but there’s one thing that you might not be able to control.

The number one factor that increases the likelihood of an arc flash event is the presence of power. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, because the task or situation requires that you work energized. Just understand that working energized always increases the chance of an arc flash accident. EPSCO online training prepares you for energized work by helping you understand how to approach the job with the right tools and PPE.

Check out this week’s videos and see what factors influence the likelihood of an arc flash event, and how you can reduce the risks