EPSCO Arc Flash Study Recommendations & Red Flags
Technical Documentation Recomendations


As part of your full arc flash report, EPSCO provides you with recommendations and red flags that may impact your facility. While we don’t provide most of the services needed to resolve these red flags, one of EPSCO’s field engineers can provide you with guidance on local contractors.

Note: Load monitoring and other system considerations should be considered before protection device changes are made. EPSCO, Inc does not
hold liability for results for changes made via recommendations.
Device: (800P) MAIN-PAINT PLANT Existing: 68 cals/cm2 Recommended: <8 cals/cm2
Recommendation: Must install an upstream protective device to lower incident energy.
Device: (801P)MAIN SERVICE PAINT Existing: 68 cals/cm2 Recommended: <8 cals/cm2
Recommendation: Unable to lower due to nuisance tripping with the downstream device.
Device: (819P)PANEL-DS-1 Existing: 37 cals/cm2 Recommended: <8 cals/cm2
Recommendation: Recommend installing integral trip unit with LTPU, LTD, STPU, STD, INST.
Device: (802P)PANEL-DS3 Existing: 19 cals/cm2 Recommended: 1.6cals/cm2
Recommendation: By lowering the feeder fuse from 600amp to 400amps, it will lower the incident energy level from 19 to 1.6 cals/cm2.
Device: BUS BAR-7 BUS PLUGS Existing: 27 cals/cm2 Recommended: <1.2cals/cm2
Recommendation: By lowering the INST setting on the feeder breaker from 4 to 3 it will lower the incident energy from 27 cals/cm2 to 0.41.