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In 2021, EPSCO released our much anticipated OneMoment electrical safety training series. We’re always eager to get feedback that helps us improve OneMoment. And because we view electrical safety training as a collaboration with our clients and partners, EPSCO upgraded it with the things you asked for in 2022.

Our students told us OneMoment “helped to improve my safety.” Others said they gained “a new awareness and respect for electricity.” Many realized “a new perspective on the importance of safety by hearing from survivors who learned the hard way.”


We were excited our students learned so much about electrical safety with EPSCO– But what about our Spanish-Speaking colleagues?  

According to the U.S. census, Spanish-speaking workers account for 38.38 MILLION, or about 14 percent, of the total U.S. population. You might be surprised to learn that 20% of the 38 million Spanish-speaking workers are in the manufacturing industry and makeup 16.2% of the total U.S. workforce. 


We enrolled over 2500 people in OneMoment last year, which is growing daily. And to support our growing community of online students:

We’re proud to be announcing the expansion of our OneMoment Electrical Safety Training series- en Español!  



EPSCO created OneMoment for everyone on your team. And we will continue to make electrical safety training more authentic, evolutionary, and relatable with OneMoment changing the way you think about electrical safety forever.

Connect with us HERE to find out how OneMoment en Español can make your facility the place where everyone goes home safely every time their shift is up.


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