OneMoment Safety Summit 2021 - EPSCO

At EPSCO we never stop thinking about safety, and what gets us most excited is sharing what we know with our clients and safety partners. We want as many electrical pros as possible to join us in making facilities and workers safer and more aware.

That’s why we created the EPSCO OneMoment Safety Summit.

This is an event like no other in the industry. It’s a chance to get away from the day-to-day stresses of your job, get clarity, renew your motivation and purpose, and discover new ideas that you can bring back to your workplace to make it safer for everyone… And did we mention the fishing?

The OneMoment Safety Summit brings electrical pros from all over up to a breathtaking resort in Lake of the Woods, Minnesota. You’ll get to go on guided fishing tours that offer the best freshwater angling anywhere. This is a great way to connect with your peers in a casual setting and open up to more meaningful and productive conversations.

Electrical pros who have joined us in the past attest that sharing resources and knowledge at the Safety Summit led to significant improvements in their own safety practices and procedures. This year’s Safety Summit is put together by the same team that brought you the groundbreaking EPSCO OneMoment Electrical Safety Training Series. It’s a unique opportunity to network with the people who have the most experience in electrical safety. Our keynote speaker is arc flash survivor Jason Brozen, who went viral with his story and packs a ton of wisdom that will really hit home.

Our favorite thing about the Safety Summit is that everyone who attends walks away more confident in their work and more committed to electrical safety. This event helps spawn new ideas and spread improved electrical safety practices throughout the industry.

We’re always excited to get out on a boat and cast a line in the lake, but what gets us really excited is spreading the message and expanding the reach of electrical safety to all of our partners.

We hope you can join us for the OneMoment Safety Summit 2021.