Arc Flash Project Completion Time - EPSCO


What is your expected project completion time? Completing an Arc Flash Study can be highly variable depending on the experience and availability of the personnel involved.

EPSCO is the industry leader in electrical safety, and we’ve performed thousands of arc flash studies across the country. We know the code inside and out and understand how to get the job done effectively and efficiently. With our team of experts, EPSCO arc flash studies are completed in a matter of WEEKS.

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Some electrical equipment manufacturers offer arc flash studies for their clients, but because their primary focus is selling equipment, their arc flash studies can drag on for MONTHS.


Several factors determine your project completion time. The major factors can be evaluated before you even get a quote from EPSCO, ensuring your proposal is solid. We will perform a site assessment of your facility to be sure we know exactly what to expect. The other guys typically rely on device counts; this is not an accurate way of determining engineers’ time on site and can lead to change orders when unexpected obstacles arise.

  • Facility size
  • Facility Industry
  • The actual work being performed in the facility
  • Number of buildings
  • Access to buildings
  • Density of equipment
  • Age of equipment
  • Cleanliness of the facility



It’s also possible for the employees at your facility to perform an arc flash study independently. However, this can be difficult for anyone who hasn’t performed an arc flash study before, even for electrical engineers. Electrical workers can complete data collection, but they must first be trained in the proper methods. Code must be followed; reports must be generated with calculations and cross-referenced with the labels that need to be created and put on panels. This can be an exhaustive process in terms of employee time and resources. Arc flash studies can take months or even years to complete depending on your engineering workload.

See the latest NFPA 70E Standard HERE.


A cost-benefit analysis shows that it’s more economical for employers to hire an outside specialist to perform their arc flash study.