At EPSCO, we know one of the best strategies for electrical safety is creating a culture of
awareness and preparedness throughout your workplace. We’re excited to share the news that
our UK friends Thorne & Derrick International have teamed up with leading PPE maker ProGARM
to launch the #protectinglives electrical safety awareness campaign.
The goal of the campaign is to educate workers on the risks of electrical hazards and help
implement plans to prevent injuries. Knowing what to watch out for and how to respond to a
hazard is the key to making electrical safety training work.
With heat that can vaporize metal and a blast that explodes in milliseconds, arc flash accidents
are some of the most dangerous and deadly electrical hazards that exist. EPSCO, Thorne &
Derrick, and ProGARM are all committed to helping workers understand how they can lessen or
even eliminate the risk of an arc flash accident occurring. Even low voltage equipment can pose
a danger with arc flash, sometimes even higher than high voltage equipment. So it’s important
to approach every piece of equipment with the same cautions and electrical safety strategies in
place, and it’s vital to always wear arc-rated workwear and use properly rated tools.
As part of EPSCO’s continued collaboration with Thorne & Derrick, we contributed 10 free
vouchers of our industry-leading OneMoment electrical safety courses in support of the
#protectinglives campaign. Follow #protectinglives for some life-saving safety best practices.
And to up the electrical safety game of everyone on your team, click here to find out more about
EPSCO OneMoment online electrical safety training.