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In 2021, EPSCO changed the way people think about electrical safety training with the release of our much anticipated OneMoment electrical safety training series.

EPSCO's OneMoment electrical safety training

Our students told us OneMoment “helped to improve my safety.” Others said they gained “a new awareness and respect for electricity.” Many realized “a new perspective on the importance of safety by hearing from survivors who learned the hard way.”

We were excited our students learned so much about electrical safety with EPSCO. You might be surprised that we learned a lot from our students too. Because we view electrical safety training as a collaboration with our clients and partners, we were eager to get feedback that would help us make OneMoment even better.


Now, in 2022 we’re launching an upgrade and new content to OneMoment that will take online electrical safety training to the next level. Plus, we’re giving our platform a new look and feel to support our growing community of online students. We enrolled over 2500 people in OneMoment last year, a number that’s growing every day!


At EPSCO, any time anyone wants to learn more about electrical safety, we listen. Our enhanced OneMoment series delivers all the content and features your team asked for.


  • The OneMoment platform will be more accessible — All students will be able to use the handbook and easily participate in our collaborative exercises.
  • We’re going to make the lessons easier to follow and complete — With captioned videos, automatic reminders for students, and streamlined team reporting.
  • We’re going to make the training relevant up to the minute — With new courses and updated video references.
  • We’ll start with a free one-hour Introduction to Electrical Safety course.
  • We’ll update our self-paced Emergency Response / Contact Release course to reflect the current year in the NFPA 70E.
  • For groups of 10 or more students, we’ll offer live online qualified worker training as part of our arc flash analysis services.


EPSCO OneMoment will continue to make electrical safety training more authentic, evolutionary, and relatable with new survivor stories that will change the way you think about electrical safety forever.


EPSCO OneMoment is for anyone on your team. Partner with us today — join us in our pledge to eliminate on-the-job electrical fatalities by 2030. Click HERE to find out how OneMoment can make your facility the place where everyone goes home safely every time their shift is up.



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