The EPSCO approach to electrical safety is all about seeing the big picture. As an organization, we’re focused on providing our partners the best safety studies and strategies possible, not just capitalizing on the requirements for safety training.

Our culture of electrical safety is built on the idea of helping each and every person on your team see how safety affects the company as a whole. We know that every workplace has its own safety challenges, and that’s why we pride ourselves on visiting actual work environments, identifying actual hazards, and performing actual arc flash studies with each of our partners on their work site.

We take the data and observations from your workplace and use that information to build a comprehensive electrical safety plan. Our goal is to help you build your own culture of electrical safety at your company. To do it, we’ll help you understand new ways to work and new practices to put in place. Because we know a culture of safety extends beyond EPSCO headquarters. We envision safety culture growing across company boundaries and hope it has an effect across all of industry and technology, so together we can totally eliminate electrical fatalities by 2030.

Josh Miller is an EPSCO engineer who was originally an installation electrician. When Josh started working with us, his understanding of electrical hazards completely changed. He realized how valuable wearing PPE was. He saw how the raw numbers from an arc flash study could be turned into an actionable electrical safety approach. He performed inspections at hundreds of facilities and knows the kinds of challenges and hazards workers come up against every day.

Josh is always thinking about the big picture. He’s driven to help workers develop a more comprehensive understanding of electrical hazards and safety, just like he did. This week, we’ll talk to Josh, and see how being part of the EPSCO team sets his mission in life. We’ll see how a culture of electrical safety is dynamic, shareable, and reciprocal within any workplace.

When it comes to building a culture of safety, EPSCO knows how to make it grow.