At EPSCO, electrical safety is more than a priority- It’s who we are! Our sole focus is making companies and facilities safer so that everyone who heads to work each day heads home safely at night. We aim to increase awareness of electrical hazards, increase survivability of accidents, and completely eliminate electrical fatalities by 2030.

We want our partners to share in our goal of eliminating fatalities, and that starts with building a culture of electrical safety in your workplace. Programs, education, and internal communications are an effective way your organization can instill awareness of electrical hazards. The more your team members understand about potentially hazardous situations, the more likely they are to avoid or survive an incident.

We also know our partners have a lot more to think about than electrical safety. There are production orders to fill and deadlines to meet. That’s exactly where EPSCO comes in.

We’ve built a team of people who are so passionate about safety, they’re willing to walk in the shoes of everyone on your team. Our engineers see what your people see and do what your people do. Whether EPSCO is performing an arc flash study, making maintenance recommendations, or developing custom safety strategies for your facility, our engineers and safety pros perform in depth studies on site to provide comprehensive safety tactics unmatched by anyone else.

Jesse Burton is an EPSCO Power Systems Engineer who loves to get under a panel cover and dig deep into every assessment he works on. The more intense the environment, the more he wants to get to know it, doing his part to help safety and maintenance teams everywhere reduce accidents and injuries. Jessie hopes that his passion for safety will take the stress and confusion out of the rules and regulations and make electrical safety more accessible for everyone.

This week we talked to Jesse to see how he helps create EPSCO’s culture of electrical safety.