Family is a powerful motivator that guides everything we do at EPSCO. It’s our goal that every employee at every facility goes home safely to their loved ones when their workday is done.

When it comes to building a culture of electrical safety, having a perspective that sees beyond the job goes a long way to inspiring your team to learn, evolve, and reach their safety goals. Knowing an accident at work can impact a whole family’s life when a worker is injured is one of the reasons we’ve taken on the challenge of eliminating electrical fatalities by 2030.

Harsh Sadhu is an EPSCO power systems engineer who knows the strength of family first hand. Originally from India, Harsh says the sacrifices his family made and the encouragement they gave him propelled him to achieve his ambition of a life and career in America. Harsh almost had his dreams derailed by visa problems that cropped up during his most stressful semester in school but stayed the course because of the way his family continually urged him to give it one more try.

The diligence Harsh demonstrated in reaching his dream is on display in everything he does for EPSCO. Everyone on our team loves the detail-oriented, strategic approach he brings to the EPSCO culture of safety. His organization skills and structured data collection methods stem from his motivation to make safety his number one priority.

Harsh loves seeing the light bulb go on in people’s heads during training sessions when they see what a difference following safety protocols and wearing PPE can make.

We’re grateful to have Harsh as part of our EPSCO family. We always hope our family keeps growing and growing, whether that’s through our team, partner organizations, or clients. Because the bigger that our family gets, the safer all of the industry will be.