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Here at EPSCO, we speak a lot about safety in the workplace, but what about safety in our communities and families, going beyond electrical safety? Helping our communities stay safe is something we take great pride in as well. 

EPSCO’s commitment to safety is as strong as it’s ever been in 2022. Our goal remains to keep facilities, workers, and their families safe, hazard savvy, and injury-free any time they’re on the job. But sometimes, we need to think beyond electrical safety and arc flash analysis. 

We’re inspired by the incredible work other organizations in our community are pursuing to keep everyone safe and healthy.  We’re proud to support the MN Adult & Teen Challenge and its commitment to infusing positive change in the world.

With almost 3,200 lives changed in 2020 and 12 locations in Minnesota, MN Adult & Teen Challenge is Minnesota’s most extensive residential treatment and recovery program. Their substance use prevention program, “Know the Truth”, reached more than 58,000 students in 2020. 

It’s no secret that this pandemic has had a negative impact on so many lives since it started almost two years ago – In the first six months of 2020, Minnesota saw a 31% increase in drug overdoses. Trauma, stress, loss of employment, depression, and mental illness are all things that can affect your everyday life, health, and safety – And lead to substance addiction, overdose, and death. MN Adult & Teen Challenge is committed to helping people turn their lives around and combating the wave of unnecessary death that comes along with substance addiction.  

EPSCO is humbled by the life-changing work of everyone at MN Adult & Teen Challenge, and in 2022 we will continue to take pride in contributing to the organization.

Whether at work or home, with colleagues, family, or friends, we always take safety seriously. If there’s any situation in your life where you don’t feel safe – Know that you are not alone. If you or someone you know is searching for help, support, or recovery services, learn more about what MN Adult & Teen Challenge offers HERE.

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