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Arc Flash Study Process

Utility Information

A good arc flash study needs a good starting point. By having accurate fault current information, Electrical Power & Safety Co. is able to use short circuit information for equipment evaluation, protective device coordination, and fault current information calculations.

Data Collection

Data collection is the process of attaining information about a facilities electrical distribution system. This process requires our technicians to work with your electrical maintenance staff to build a oneline of the existing electrical architectural infrastructure. Without accurate data collection, an arc flash analysis can pose dangerous conditions for your staff.

Risk Mitigation

Before the arc flash risk analysis is complete, Electrical Power and Safety Company will review your system to see if any changes can be made to the existing electrical infrastructure. Often times, just by changing a fuse or breaker trip setting, we can greatly reduce the incident energy at a working location.

Incident Energy Calculation

Through the use of SKM software, Electrical Power and Safety Company is able to provide its Customers with tools they need to work on or near their equipment safely. Once your study has been inputted in our software system, we can use the tools provided to us to perform simple calculations such as short circuit studies, protective device coordination, equipment short circuit rating, and more.

Arc Flash Labeling

Electrical Power and Safety Company has exceeded expectations and code requirements in the equipment labeling category. As you will see below, our labels include pictorial design to help illustrate the personal protective equipment required to work safely per location.


With the existing NFPA 70E regulations requiring electrical shock and arc flash training every three years, Electrical Power and Safety Company includes training with the arc flash analysis proposal. We also offer monthly classes at select locations for new hire employees. Training based on the arc flash risk analysis details are outlined below.


Ben Bertram, Plant Manager, Sanimax

We recently hired EPSCO to perform an Arc Flash Analysis on all of our electrical equipment in the plants. They performed their work efficiently and provided us with a very detailed report and drawings. The communication from the entire team throughout the project was above and beyond my expectations and the subsequent training for my employees after the study was extremely beneficial in helping to increase our in-house electrical and safety knowledge. Their understanding of customer service is exceptional. I would highly recommend their services to others in the manufacturing industry.