Understanding your course | EHS & Safety Manager - EPSCO

Understanding your course | EHS & Safety Manager


Please read before beginning this course. 

Are you in the correct course? 

This course is meant for Safety Managers, If you need a Qualified worker Certification, required by NFPA to be updated every 3 years, this is not the correct course. Please contact your EPSCO representative to switch courses.

Course Parameters & Notices

Your course will go through several videos, quizzes, and two exercises. This course takes roughly 4 hours. Quizzes and Exams must be completed at 80% or better. Exercises are graded by engineers and incorrect/ insufficient answers will not be eligible for course completion. During the course, you will have access to a course handbook located in the materials tab directly above your module video. Feel free to download this handbook.

Group Leader

As a safety manager, you should be a ‘group leader” for those under your supervision at work. Please let us know if you need group leader access by sending an email with your list of team members to brandi.juhan@epsco.co. This access gives you unparalleled access to honest answers from your team about possible safety hazards, and common tasks. This information is needed but not required for your exercises later in this course.

Known Issues 

Video Play – At times youtube videos seem to continuously load, double click the video to play the content
Background Noise – A few videos have machining noise, we are working to resolve this issue.