Electrical Ground Zero Training Series: Video - EPSCO
In 2011, Brandon Schroeder experienced the real-life consequences of cutting corners on electrical safety. Brandon suffered a devastating arc flash injury that changed his life.

On March 18, 2020, we’re launching our Electrical Ground Zero training series in Minneapolis with Brandon’s story at the forefront. It’s the first stop on a nationwide safety training tour designed to forever renew our attendees’ commitment to safety and give them the tools they need to help prevent accidents when and where it really matters—every hour of every work day at their own ground zero.

Watch the video to hear more about this impactful training event that begins with Brandon’s compelling story and concludes with EPSCO’S 4-Hour NFPA 70E Qualified Worker training.

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There’s an electrical fatality every day. EPSCO’s mission is to drive that number to zero by 2030. Our Electrical Ground Zero Training Series supports that mission.