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    If you want to search for a location that is exotic and contains fantastic scenery, Taiwan may be the answer for you. A tropical country, Taiwan hosts a primary Southeast Asian culture, tasty cuisines, amazing climate, and diverse forest parts and festivals. The main city city of Taipei delivers vibrant culture and entertainment. Taiwanese cuisine is rated as one of the best on a global scale. So after you take on Taiwan, where do you visit go through the full grandiosity of Taiwan?

    1. Taipei. The largest city as well as the capital of Taiwan, Taipei may be the cultural, arts as well as the natural heartbeat of this landlocked country. Numerous artistic temples devoted to local deities dot the landscape. Famous most notable could be the Longshan and Taipei Confucius Temple. Taipei 101 captures your attention because the tallest skyscraper in the horizon. On New Year’s Eve, the working platform may serve as the tallest fireworks display on the planet. There are several festivals like lantern festival, ghost day celebrations, double ten day etc. These festivals decorate the atmosphere and you should exist to see the impression. Taiwan tour packages are incomplete by having an authentic festival experience.

    2. Nantou. The second biggest city in Taiwan, Nantou houses the best tea plants, the oolong teas. See the original teas grown fully splendor. The mountainous landscape makes it very dear to trekkers and mountain hikers. Notable hiking trails include Maolan and Hanbi trails. Its also wise to definitely visit the Cingjing farm, which is proud of luscious farms of oolong trees.

    3. Kaohsiung. Looking at the humble roots as being a small trading firm, Kaohsiung has exploded into a financial powerhouse. If you have been refining and shipbuilding industries here. The location offers stable and strong infrastructure, which enabled it to host 2009 world games. The main attractions with this beautiful city include, Liuhe Night Market, World games stadium as well as a great resource of nature with forests. Taiwan vacation packages ensure a stop in Kaohsiung.

    4. Hsinchu. Are you aware that a lot of the worlds’ electronic items are produced in Taiwan? Your phone probably appeared in Hsinchu, the leading electronic manufacturing hub in Taiwan, and in all likelihood the world. The Hsinchu technological zone is home to IT offices and leading giants like Huawei etc. You will want to come around and require a tour with the world’s leading electronic hub? You may even get great discounts when you shop here.

    5. Kinmen. Kinmen is in reality a group of islands under Taiwanese administration. The main attraction is knives made from the unexploded arsenal through the Chinese Civil War. Kinmen noodles are equally famous being a delicacy. Collect your kinmen knives like a souvenir and earn your Taiwan stay memorable.

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