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    The Ukrainian language is amongst the most widespread Slavic languages on the planet, second just to Russian. Ranked from the quantity of native speakers, Ukrainian may be the 26th most spoken language on the globe. It can be indigenous to around 37 million people, additionally, it’s the next language for an additional 15 million. You’ll find it mostly spoken in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Canada, USA, and Brazil. Modern Ukrainian, in line with the dictionary with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, has around 256,000 words and it’s also included in the report on languages that are successfully developing. Which even has its own holiday – November 9, that is “The Day’s Ukrainian writing and language” in Ukraine.

    Below, you’ll have some interesting facts about this beautiful language.

    2 types of “Г”

    The Ukrainian alphabet actually includes two versions from the letter “Г”.

    One character corresponding to the “ordinary” Slavic “Г г”, represents a guttural fricative sound between “Г” and “Х”, such as the language “говорити” or “гора”. A character as a letter “Ґ ґ” is really a voiced sonorous sound.

    You can find almost no original Ukrainian words with all the letter “Ґ”, only onomatopoeias(as an example, “ґaвa” – crow) and foreign borrowings (“ґанок” – porch, from German “Gang”). The letter can be utilized for the transmission of foreign own names having a voiced G: Ґете, Вінніпеґ. However, in accordance with the current spelling rules using “Ґ” is optional and can be substituted with more widespread “Г”. This original character appeared in Ukrainian alphabet only within the 1990s.

    The most common letter in Ukrainian alphabet is “П”

    The largest quantity of words starts off with this character. There are also whole stories composed of words beginning from letter only “П” – Приїздіть, пане Павле,- писав поважний правитель повіту Полікарп. The sentence that starts the storyline means Come visit us, Mr. Pavel, – wrote the respectable ruler of the county Polycarp.

    The type “Ф” could be the least used letter with the Ukrainian alphabet. In the majority of cases, words which commence with this letter stumbled on Ukrainian business languages.

    Calling all gentlemen

    Nouns in Ukrainian have seven cases. One of these will be the vocative сase or, literally, “the calling case” – кличний. Historically, the “calling” form was an element of the Indo-European system of cases and existed in Latin, Sanskrit, and Ancient Greek. For instance, the saying “пан” (master, sir) features a vocative case, even in the plural – ” панове”, which matches the good thing about “gentlemen”.

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