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    There are several ways to use CDs: audio files, video files, and office presentations, for example. This is it’s important to have custom CD labels for individual CDs in order to avoid any mix-ups. You can find basically two means of labeling your CD having a custom CD label.

    One type of custom CD label is the adhesive labeled disc the place that the artwork for that CD is printed at high quality with an adhesive label. You print the structure for the artwork, and after that this adhesive label is used on the top of the disc. The advantage of this kind of custom CD labels is it is economical, having a high-quality image and short turn-around time.

    The second technique of making custom CD labels is by disc to disc printing. Here, the necessary graphics are printed entirely on the surface of the CD. That as well has three varieties of printing each and every featuring its own benefits. Single-color thermal CD printing is really a technique of quality CD and DVD printing. The CD labels dry instantly there is no concern with the CD bleeding or fading. Moreover, these custom CD labels are water repellent are available using a tough glossy finish. These custom CD labels can be found in three primary colors; black, blue, and red. The main advantage of this kind of custom CD label is with all the disc to disc printing technology, the peeling and balancing problems associated with adhesive labels are eliminated.

    With silk screen CD printing, the images employed for presentation are of high quality and are avalable with edge to edge printing. This form of custom CD label is quite durable, because image is thermally bonded towards the disc surface to reduce fading, bleeding, and having easily scratched or damaged. The 3rd way of disc to disc printing is full-color thermal retransfer CD printing. This, too, is a very durable way of custom CD label.

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